Monday, 20 February 2012

I {heart} NY

A couple of weeks back Joss and I took some time off and headed over to New York. I had an amazing time, and want to go back ASAP. I took lots of photos but sometimes it's wonderful to see and feel with your eyes rather than through a lens and to travel without the weight of a camera.
I also ate some pretty amazing things - the best being a chocolate peanut butter pie in an assuming bar on Broome Street in SoHo. After our few days there we did truly heart NY.

New York-2New York-3
New York-4
New York-5
New York-6
New York-9
New York-7New York-10
New York-14
New York-20
New York-22
New York-23
New York-25
New York-28
New York-29
New York-30
New York-33
New York-34
New York-35
New York-43
New York-46
New York-47
New York-48
New York-52
New York-53