Thursday, 28 February 2013


Mona Mara 2013-02-28_0001 2013-02-28_0002 2013-02-28_0003 Mona Mara 2013-02-28_0004 Mona Mara Mona Mara 2013-02-28_0005 Mona Mara Mona Mara 2013-02-28_0006 2013-02-28_0007 2013-02-28_0008 Mona Mara 2013-02-28_0009
On a very cold day in January we ventured out into the woods to shoot the lookbook for new Jewellery brand MONA MARA. I really loved being involved with this project and the images make me swoon.

Art Direction: John J Lindsley
Styling: Zoe Jones
Make up: Violet Zeng
Model: Megan McMinn

Friday, 15 February 2013


Suede's recent 6Music session at Maida Vale got me thinking...

I grew up on nineties indie, not just the obvious - Oasis, Cast and Blur (in fact not at all, except Blur) but those glamorous fringe-lurkers Suede and Pulp. Their songs spoke of the glamour of a London I had yet to get to know, a thrill in the down at heel and an epic sense of the self. Their romantic escapism was just what a teenage girl growing up in the Norwich suburbs wanted and needed. Suede were my obsession, I had posters of Brett Anderson on my wall and would make a weekly pilgrimage to Sainsburys - the only local outlet big enough to stock NME and the now defunct Melody Maker. 

I became obsessed with the (early) Manics - all blood, glitter and rage. They introduced me to some of my earliest literary loves as well as one of my favourite albums ever in the form of the oft-forgot Gold Against the Soul. Their sense that they'd broken out of Blackwood and into the big time cut through everything they did.

Watching it back now, the videos seems a little dated - all enhanced colour - but there's no way that I can listen to these lyrics with any real purpose and not cry, or even shed a little tear. I want everyone in love to feel a little bit like The Wild Ones. Shut your eyes and just listen.

That floppy haircut slayed a million girls (and boys) in the nineties.

Note - the carpet is the same as in the Overlook Hotel (The Shining - also another one of my favourites)

Me, and my best friend Tilly put together a fanzine (an actual printed fanzine) where we interviewed bands, drew the cover art and self published.

What does this have to do with what I do now? Well, both nothing and everything. Who I am, runs through everything I do. I am who I am, with my vision of the world, because of how I grew up, and I thought I'd like to share a little of that with you.

Monday, 11 February 2013


Just thought it might be useful to do a little Saturday availability update for the summer, as I'm now booked on lots of key dates. Fridays are, in general, a lot freer but if you have one of these dates in mind or had considered getting in contact then do it now :)

Even if I don't have your date free still get in touch, it's always lovely to hear from you and all about your plans and I can send a list of other lovely photographers your way.

May 11th

June 8th

August 3rd

August 17th

August 31st

September 14th

September 21st

If you want to book June 8th, get in touch now and if you confirm before end of Feb I'll knock 15% off the price for you.