Monday, 26 November 2012

V A N E S S A & S E A N {M A R R I E D}

Vanessa and Sean married at Bristol Town Hall with a reception by the riverside at Beese's tea garden via a ride on the Tower Belle through Bristol's canals. It was a beautiful day full of love and friends and against Sean's better judgement, I even got him to pose with a shiny heart shaped balloon.

Vanessa & Sean's Bristol wedding 2012-11-04_066.jpg 2012-11-04_067.jpg 2012-11-04_068.jpg Low res images-41.jpg 2012-11-04_090.jpg Low res images-51.jpg Low res images-53.jpg Low res images-66.jpg Low res images-69.jpg Low res images-70.jpg 2012-11-04_071.jpg Low res images-103.jpg Low res images-107.jpg Low res images-128.jpg Low res images-148.jpg 2012-11-04_073.jpg 2012-11-04_074.jpg Low res images-279.jpg Low res images-291.jpg Low res images-295.jpg Low res images-316.jpg Low res images-320.jpg 2012-11-04_075.jpg Low res images-327.jpg Low res images-329.jpg Low res images-329.jpg Low res images-333.jpg 2012-11-04_079.jpg 2012-11-04_080.jpg Low res images-335.jpg 2012-11-04_082.jpg Low res images-342.jpg 2012-11-04_081.jpg Low res images-343.jpg Low res images-344.jpg Low res images-346.jpg 2012-11-04_085.jpg 2012-11-04_087.jpg Low res images-543.jpg 2012-11-04_086.jpg 2012-11-04_088.jpg Low res images-553.jpg Low res images-554.jpg Low res images-555.jpg Low res images-556.jpg 2012-11-04_089.jpg Low res images-558.jpg Low res images-564.jpg Low res images-596.jpg Low res images-600.jpg