Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lisa & Phil {Engaged}

Lisa & Phil were the first couple who contacted me about shooting their wedding and they introduced me to the rather lovely Freud bar in Covent Garden.

They met at work, and wanted to include that building into the shoot as well as the pub they went on their first date. I was only too happy to oblige and we spent a monring in and around Covent Garden ducking the rain showers and making the most of the beautiful light we did get.

Their wedding is in September in Soho and I can't wait.

Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-3
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-2
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-4
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-6
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-8
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-10
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-11
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-12Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-13
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-16
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-21
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-22
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-24
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-25
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-26
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-28
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-29
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-30
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-31
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-34
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-36
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-37
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-38Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-41
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-42Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-43
Lisa and Phil  eshoot low res images-44

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Alex & Ben {married}

Alex and Ben are so gorgeous, and so in love. Alex is from Belarus, and so I first met them in a Uzbekistani restaurant in Marylebone where she introduced me to delights of Plov. And no, I had no idea what Ukbekistani cuisine was either until then.
They married in a simple but extremely warm ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall with only their parents and Ben's cousin Sarah. 
They were definitely my kind of couple as they had a few hours to dedicate to photography before their dinner at Maze and so we went on a kind of merry dance around Chelsea, first stopping in a beautiful park, then utilising a red phone box and posing on doorsteps before a quick shoot outside South Kensington tube station. The weather had been absolutely dreadful the night before so I crossed my fingers for dry weather and we got it. 
I left them to enjoy lunch with the family (although I hear they had a private tour of the kitchens at Maze. Jealous) and joined them again for a private capsule on the London eye. The champagne flowed and both sets of parents seemed to love it, which was great as this was Alex's parents first time in the UK. I didn't have to ask Alex and Ben to pose really at all, they were just so great at it and so natural.
After the Eye we had a quick sojourn down the Southbank to incorporate some key London landmarks into the shots, all was going well until they spotted the fountain outside the Festival Hall, then it went brilliantly. Alex kicked off her shoes and went straight in, quickly followed by Ben and it made for some amazing shots. What more could you ask for as a photographer than a couple prepared to jump into a fountain?
Alex & Ben low res-001Alex & Ben low res-002
Alex & Ben low res-003Alex & Ben low res-004
Alex & Ben low res-011
Alex & Ben low res-013
Alex & Ben low res-015Alex & Ben low res-016
Alex & Ben low res-017
Alex & Ben low res-018Alex & Ben low res-021
Alex & Ben low res-022
Alex & Ben low res-024
Alex & Ben low res-026Alex & Ben low res-028
Alex & Ben low res-031
Alex & Ben low res-040Alex & Ben low res-041
Alex & Ben low res-046
Alex & Ben low res-048
Alex & Ben low res-051Alex & Ben low res-053
Alex & Ben low res-063
Alex & Ben low res-070
Alex & Ben low res-071Alex & Ben low res-072
Alex & Ben low res-074
Alex & Ben low res-085
Alex & Ben low res-087Alex & Ben low res-088
Alex & Ben low res-089
Alex & Ben low res-093
Alex & Ben low res-094Alex & Ben low res-095
Alex & Ben low res-096
Alex & Ben low res-105
Alex & Ben low res-106
Alex & Ben low res-108Alex & Ben low res-109
Alex & Ben low res-110
Alex & Ben low res-115
Alex & Ben low res-116Alex & Ben low res-118
Alex & Ben low res-121
Alex & Ben low res-122
Alex & Ben low res-124Alex & Ben low res-125
Alex & Ben low res-126
Alex & Ben low res-127
Alex & Ben low res-129Alex & Ben low res-130
Alex & Ben low res-134
Alex & Ben low res-135
Alex & Ben low res-136Alex & Ben low res-137
Alex & Ben low res-138
Alex & Ben low res-139
Alex & Ben low res-142
Alex & Ben low res-143
Alex & Ben low res-146
Alex & Ben low res-150
Alex & Ben low res-152
Alex & Ben low res-156
Alex & Ben low res-158Alex & Ben low res-162
Alex & Ben low res-163
Alex & Ben low res-164
Alex & Ben low res-165Alex & Ben low res-171
Alex & Ben low res-166
Alex & Ben low res-168
Alex & Ben low res-172Alex & Ben low res-178
Alex & Ben low res-188
Alex & Ben low res-189
Alex & Ben low res-187
Alex & Ben low res-185
Alex & Ben low res-191
Alex & Ben low res-192
Alex & Ben low res-193
Alex & Ben low res-194Alex & Ben low res-195
Alex & Ben low res-197
Alex & Ben low res-201
Alex & Ben low res-202Alex & Ben low res-204
Alex & Ben low res-206
Alex & Ben low res-209
Alex & Ben low res-213
Alex & Ben low res-214