Saturday, 4 June 2011

Amp & Johnny (married) - a low key, hip, DIY, East End wedding.

Anne-Marie, know to her friends and family as AMP, finally met me just over a week before her wedding. When she suggested the initial meet be for a drink and a chat in The Dove on Broadway Market then I knew it was meant to be. Even more exciting was when she revealed that she and Johnny lived in one of the architect Erno Goldfinger's buildings in East London - I have a soft spot for a well considered bit of late 60's brutalism.

When I arrived in the day itself, it was all systems go as AMP tried on five (yes, five!)  vintage dresses before settling on the one she would eventually wear. I got well aquainted with their incredibly cute kids,    and before we knew it, it was time to head off to Bromley Register office for the ceremony.

True to the DIY spirit of the day the ceremony was warm but low key, with close friends and family. Everyone headed back to theirs for champagne toasts and nibbles before their friends left to go and decorate Hanbury Hall, the venue for the evening merriment.

I left in order to try and get some shots of the hall being decorated but quickly found myself stringing bunting, filling balloons with helium and attempting to erect a DIY photobooth complete with props purloined from the halls various storage areas. 

At the very end of the day, I managed to steal AMP and Johnny away for some couple shots. I knew there were some great and incredibly picturesque streets nearby in Spitalfields, but hadn't banked against the most beautiful backdrop just a stone's throw from the party venue. it was one of the old merchant houses but semi derelict and covered in peeling paint in the most amazing hue of washed out pink and accompanied by mini grafitti - little monks parading along the side of the pavement. It quickly became a favourite spot.

It was an amazing experience for my first ever wedding - seeing the love between Anne-Marie and Johnny, and being allowed to be part of their special day was beyond touching and I want to say a big thanks to them.

Anyway, to the pictures...
AMP & Johnny 11
AMP & Johnny 14AMP & Johnny 23AMP & Johnny 15
AMP & Johnny 17
AMP & Johnny 19
AMP & Johnny 24
AMP & Johnny 26AMP & Johnny 28
AMP & Johnny 29
AMP & Johnny 30
AMP & Johnny 35
AMP & Johnny 38AMP & Johnny 40
AMP & Johnny 41
AMP & Johnny 43
AMP & Johnny 44
AMP & Johnny 47
AMP & Johnny 48
AMP & Johnny 49
AMP & Johnny 50
AMP & Johnny 53
AMP & Johnny 54AMP & Johnny 55
AMP & Johnny 56AMP & Johnny 57
AMP & Johnny 62
AMP & Johnny 63
AMP & Johnny 70AMP & Johnny 71
AMP & Johnny 78
AMP & Johnny 79
AMP & Johnny 81
AMP & Johnny 83
AMP & Johnny 85 colour
AMP & Johnny 87
AMP & Johnny 95
AMP & Johnny 96
AMP & Johnny 104AMP & Johnny 113
AMP & Johnny 115AMP & Johnny 116
AMP & Johnny 117AMP & Johnny 118
AMP & Johnny 121
AMP & Johnny 123
AMP & Johnny 125AMP & Johnny 126
AMP & Johnny 133
AMP & Johnny 137
AMP & Johnny 138
AMP & Johnny 139
AMP & Johnny 143AMP & Johnny 144
AMP & Johnny 145
AMP & Johnny 146
AMP & Johnny 147
AMP & Johnny 159
AMP & Johnny 162
AMP & Johnny 171
AMP & Johnny [married]
AMP & Johnny [married]
AMP & Johnny 173
AMP & Johnny 174
AMP & Johnny 177
AMP & Johnny 179
AMP & Johnny 183
AMP & Johnny 186AMP & Johnny 187
AMP & Johnny 189AMP & Johnny 190


  1. These are great.
    Beautifully captured and its always lovely to see wedding photographs based in East London.
    You picked my favourite backdrop in Spitalfields as well.