Monday, 21 March 2011

The fortnight in pictures

Maintaining the regular pics from the week post has proved a bit tricky - there's only so many times you can document your weekend pub going exploits and the rest of my working week has been so busy that it's mostly been desk, train, sofa, beer, bed.

Still I'm mostly dead excited about going to Amsterdam this coming weekend with the husband and a couple of my besties, including the lovely Kathy so there should be lots of visual accompaniments to my trip up on the blog around the middle of next week.

This weekend Joss's closest friend, Wayne, came to visit so we went for 'craft' beer at the rather wonderful Mason & Taylor on Bethnal Green Road, followed by lunch and then sent him on his way, but not before I encouraged him to pose moodily with a cigarette.


In other news it's truly beginning to feel like spring, not only is it starting to be sublimely warm during the day, but the cherry blossom is out too. Although it's not tulip season in the Netherlands yet I'm still hoping to see plenty of blooms.
cherry blossom
wire flower

Finally, I think the most exciting thing is the arrival of my business cards from Moo, and my first wedding enquiry from an advert I put on Gumtree. I'm feeling really pleased with the way things are coming together and have high hopes for the future.

business cards
Rivington Street
daffsBethnal Green Working Men's Club
pom pom
pub windowChimay

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