Monday, 23 July 2012

Photography Farm

Rachel & Jamie colour edit-44 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-45
So, how to describe the Photography Farm. I decided to go because I'd heard such good things; had swooned over their shoots, had envied the community I'd heard had sprung up. And besides, I thought there's got to be worse ways to spend your time than hearing about how one of the UK's top wedding photographers (AKA Lisa Devlin) runs her business. I've come away with a head full of ideas and things I want to put into practice in my own business. That, a heap of new friends, and a camera full of images from the two styled shoots we did whilst we were there. 

We started off photographing one of Lisa' real life couples - Claire and Dano - who were amazingly good sports despite the thick, gloopy mud. I absolutely love Claire's sequinned dress. I was first up to direct them after Lisa had shot and my nerves went to pot. Directing a couple? in front of all these other pro-photgraphers? I soon got into the swing of it however...

Claire & Dano-8 Claire & Dano-10 Claire & Dano-11Claire & Dano-12 Claire & Dano-13 Claire & Dano-16Claire & Dano-15 Claire & Dano-19 Claire & Dano-24 Claire & Dano-27 Claire & Dano-25Claire & Dano-26
Next up was the hippy luxe shoot - Kat of Rock n Roll bride had curated the look, and her gorgeous sister Rachel and her boyfriend Jamie were the models. I think the images will sum this up better than I ever could...

Rachel & Jamie colour edit-14 Rachel & Jamie B&W-6 Rachel & Jamie B&W-3 Rachel & Jamie B&W-2 Rachel & Jamie B&W-5Rachel & Jamie B&W-4 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-10 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-12 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-13 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-21 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-18 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-31 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-28Rachel & Jamie colour edit-27 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-43 Rachel & Jamie B&W-12 Rachel & Jamie B&W-13 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-37 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-32 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-36 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-41 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-47 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-50 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-48 Rachel & Jamie colour edit-30
Credit to the fantastic team that made the shoots possible:


  1. i love your porcessing ellie! claire is stunning as of course is my sister!! she'll love these

  2. Everything looks so beautiful in your images Ellie, well done. We are so glad that you came to the Farm. Lisa & Amy

  3. Thanks guys, I'm all blushing and stuff :)