Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My albums...

Let me introduce you to my albums...

When I got married I got the images on a DVD, somewhere they're still on a DVD and I never got round to making the album I wanted (note to self: make album!) I do genuinely believe that there's no better way to display your photos than in a gorgeous book so without further ado, let me introduce you to my album offerings.

First up is the gorgeous leather bound Folio albums - these are handmade in the UK and even their shipping is carbon neutral, so you can be assured they are ethically produced. Gorgeous fine art paper and matte photo printing with lay flat bindings for the book itself. A range of contemporary and traditional touchy feely full grain leather covers and unbleached calico storage bags make these super special. 

Shown below is a 10" by 10" 60 page album with a jade contemporary leather cover. Also available in 12" by 12", printed cotton covers and duplicate 6" by 6" albums for parents, or whoever wants them really.
Album images-6 Album images-7 Album images-1 Album images-3 Album images-5 Album images-8 Album images-9 Album images-11 Album images-10Album images-4

Next up is the Photobook option - bound in Germany these coffee table style books have lay flat binding, Photographic paper that's neither matte nor shiny (also known as lustre) and a printed gloss wrap around cover. Shown below is a 60 page 12" by 12" album, and you can see the relative thicknesses of the pages and the spines.

Album images-15
Album images-2Album images-12 Album images-13 Album images-14

If you're one of my 2012 couples and are considering investing in an album get in touch, especially if you want to place it before Christmas, and I can talk you through options. As a little sweetener I'll even take 10% off.

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