Sunday, 3 March 2013


...Amy and Matt,

who won me over with this entry - especially the Silent Disco (who doesn't love a Silent Disco?)

"About us...

Matt proposed the day before my 30th Birthday. Unfortunately PLAN A: shaving 'Marry Me' in to his Chest hair failed when the batteries were flat in his Electric Shaver. So he resorted to PLAN B:  One knee, Trevi Fountains, several hundred tourists and a proposal! Much to my embarrassment, but I still said yes.

In our 14 years together we’ve travelled the world together, our relationship survived long distance status whilst I was at university, we’ve calculated  attendance to over 40 weddings (yes we were invited and not wedding crashers!) and have been to more festivals than we can count on our fingers and toes. As a result we have accumulated many crazy friends which dictates that we need/ want a maaahooosive wedding.

So the Plan...?

Ceremony: Come rain or shine the ceremony will be outside with 140 guests to witness.  We plan to walk up the aisle together with our friends samba band in tow.

Reception: A marquee – our vision is to have this marquee crammed with friends, decked in primary colour: pom poms, streamers and ribbon. And lucky for us our friend is a window dresser so we're expecting it to look pretty fab!

All the above images via Pinterest - check out their Pinterest board on Don't some of their ideas look awesome?

Evening DO: Another 150 guests will be invited to join us to party to a trendy but classic wedding disco. A camp fire will be available for those that need some time out. All guests are invited to pitch a tent if they so wish - Matt and I will be spending the night in a yurt at the venue (we couldn’t bare the thought of leaving the party).

What you can expect, camera fodder...:-A stunning back drop of rolling countryside;  beautiful people;  informal atmosphere; games of beach cricket; colour, colour and more colour; vast amounts of cake & food (my sister owns a cupcake shop); space hoppers; festoon lighting; late night partying; festival feel; camping; Mr & Mrs Yurt; boozy; silent disco and loads of happy guests that just love to party.

Why we deserve it....? We are paying for the whole shebang ourselves, the day is about sharing with our nearest and dearest of which there are many and the reality is our budget just can’t stretch enough for a pro tog, so we are currently relying on family and friends to act as our photographers on the day – would be great to have a professional on board. It's going to be beautiful.

Why Ellie Gillard...? Why this competition...?  I’ve seen a lot of these competitions through my planning process but this is the first I’ve entered because Ellie’s style of photography seems to match what our wedding is about. She describes her work as ‘a little bit alternative’ and being able to ‘catch those fleeting moments’ this for me is what weddings & photography should be about. Those posed photos are just not what Matt and I are about. Plus she has availability in her diary for the 3our date... it must be fate..?"

A well deserved winner - remember any new bookings can claim their Rock My Wedding discount if you confirm and book before 10th March. See here for the full terms and conditions!


  1. So excited - thank you Ellie From Amy

  2. Amazing proposal for an amazing couple! Ellie you couldnt have picked a more amazing and well deserved couple!! xxxxx