Sunday, 13 February 2011

the week in pictures

Here's the weekly round up of what's being going off in my world this week. It's been a bit of a mad one at the day job, and so the posts are the weekends, the bookends either side. Fortunately I have two days off next week, and a shoot planned with the lovely Tilly and Lee.

Sunday started off with a stroll down the Southbank, I was supposed to meet with some other photographers from the Photography Parlour for a shootswap but couldn't find anyone when I arrived at 11.20, so strolled up and down the Southbank looking for a large group of people with DSLRs. That proved unsuccessful so I decided to go and watch some of the Chinese New Year celebrations; the thought being that it causes so much hoo-hah at work I might as well get something out of it.

It was a typical heaving London crowd, and you pretty much couldn't see anything except the reams of colourful lanterns strung above the streets of Chinatown.

I gave my new 35mm lens it's first true outing, as you can see from the top pic it doesn't have the best bokeh in the world.

Staring the day off right - a cheeky Belgian beer at lunch time
Walks along the Regents Canal; it's a gritty vein of post industrial London, and a major artery between East and West. Full of cyclists, dog walkers, hipsters, tramps, long boat dwellers and everything in between.
Joss will never pose for photographs, this is the best I can manage with him.
Browsing in the antiques arcade at Camden Passage
Seeing this today, fingers crossed.
Looking in the window of Ottolenghis and salivating. No cakes for me yesterday though.
Bread on Broadway Market, I'm lucky to live so close.
Could it be that spring has sprung? Gorgeous daffodils outside my favourite florist (they did my wedding flowers) Rebel Rebel.

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