Sunday, 22 May 2011

The week in pictures: A family affair


So, my Mum and my Stepfather have just downsized and moved to the coast, and in honour of her 60th birthday, plus the chance to christen the new place a birthday party/housewarming was thrown. There were so many people there - people I've never even met and so many kids. It was a great afternoon, and it was fab to see my brothers too. We all live in different cities now so it's a rare chance that we all get to meet up.

After the food had finished and drinks had been drunk we went down to the beach, strolled through the dunes and hoped to catch some of the fantastic golden hour light.

In other news, it's now less than a week until my first wedding. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I've got so much to do and prepare before the day itself but I can't wait. I just hope I do my lovely clients (hello Ann-Marie and Johnny) justice, they've already sent me a copy of their amazing save the date cards and I can't wait to see what the day itself holds.

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