Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Random dispatches

a visual selection of what I have been up to in the last two months: October trips to the beach, birthday celebrations (Joss turned 30), wearing gorgeous new perfume and good times with friends. and yes, I'm not afraid to post a picture of myself with drunks eyes simply because my hair looks unusually fab!

random dispatches-1
random dispatches-2
random dispatches-3
random dispatches-4random dispatches-6
random dispatches-7
random dispatches-8
random dispatches-9
random dispatches-10random dispatches-12
random dispatches-11random dispatches-14
random dispatches-13random dispatches-5
random dispatches-15
random dispatches-16
random dispatches-17
random dispatches-18
random dispatches-19
random dispatches-20
random dispatches-21
random dispatches-22
random dispatches-23
random dispatches-25
random dispatches-26
random dispatches-27

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